No Frills Twins – Big Heart

No Frills Twins

Sydney duo No Frills Twins recently released their latest single ‘Big Heart’, you can read the Indie Midlands review of the single here, and now there is a video to go with the song.

The twins of Arna & Vanessa worked with director Chloe De Brito on the video and you can see the result below.

“The clip channels strong and powerful female energy, with an air of sensuality from within. We are surrounded by beautiful people across a spectrum of genders who offer themselves as suitors, like pieces of fruit on a dining table, but our radiating sensuality is something we’re in no rush to give away. It’s powerful and it’s personal,” state the twins.

“We wanted to represent diversity and fluidity in love and dating. At 25 we’re still figuring out sexuality and attraction, so when director, Chloe, proposed the concept of erasing gender and shifting focus to ‘human body parts served across a dining table’ all dressed uniformly, it resonated with the message in our song – the importance of searching for love in somebody with a big heart.”

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