Youth Sector – No Fanfare

Brighton quintet Youth Sector return with new single ‘No Fanfare’. It’s a punky indie pop number that is relentless in it’s pace.

With influences ranging from Talking Heads & DEVO, Youth Sector have set their stall out with this frenetic number that will have the fans going wild at their gigs. A bouncy bass line sets the tempo for power guitars and the shouty vocal of Nick Tompkins. The chorus is definitely one that everyone will sing along to.

Talking about the song Tompkins had the following to say –

“‘No Fanfare’ is about the feeling of working hard and making sacrifices for little to no reward. When you work hard for a cause, and the effort is not reciprocated by others, it can feel like your efforts are only going as far as to facilitate the laziness of everyone else. The opening lines “I can have a little less so you can live a little better / you can sit and make a mess so I can find a way to tidy up” rounds off the kind of unfair transaction that the song is about. Musically it has a kind of twitching volatility that feels like an outlet for those feelings of frustration.”

Gary Tibbs