Alex Ohm – Going Nowhere Fast

I have to say that 2020 really does have the 20/20 vision. If you’d have asked me several months ago, if the next year would be better musically than 2019, I would have said no. Some of the best albums were released last year (including my equal number ones “Dogerel” by Fontaines D.C. and “24 Carat Diamond Trephine” by The Avalanche Party) and it would have taken a lot of truly great music to change my mind. And here we are, barely in the middle of March and I’m already thinking 2020 is way superior than the year before. Firstly because of the amazing “Stray” released by Bambara on Valentine’s Day, but also by the amount of really excellent singles that I had the pleasure to review recently. Even the local, emerging bands are coming up with absolute gems: Cambridgeshire Idealistics (check out their “Rain In Our Eyes EP), Worcester based Chloe Mogg or Dudley’s finest, Alex Ohm. If you are looking for an anthem, a true Britpop revival song that could have an entire stadium sing it alongside yourself, then look no further. “Going Nowhere Fast” is a song that could easily do the trick.

Starting off slowly with a The Killer’s-like beat and uplifting melody, the song picks up within the first 30 seconds to take the listener for a really enjoyable and energetic ride. I have always loved Alex’s voice but “Going Nowhere Fast” gives him an extra warmness and it’s finally good to hear him using his impressive range. The chorus is contagious (no relation to the Covid-19!) and you will be humming it while going about your day. This song is a serious contender for a single of the year, leaving artists such as Twisted Wheel and Jordan Allen Band far, far behind.

Alex will be releasing a new EP later this year, his first since “At First A Drop, Then A Flood” that came out in May 2017. It was recorded at Pirate Studios in London and mastered at RML Studios at the Newhampton Arts Centre.

Rita Dabrowicz (Vanadian Avenue)