Tindersticks – See My Girls

I didn’t know what to expect when I first heard the left-of-field rhythmic hook to this track, but I knew I was invested. The trio of instruments (not the trio you would expect either!) that make up the opening verse section form this swirling, hypnotic sensation that lays the foundation for the deranged, stream-of-consciousness vocals.

The incidental nature of the instruments to come gives the song a film score feel that soundtracks the imagery to the lyrics that make this track pure ear candy that is definitely not to be put in the background. It demands your full attention, ignore at the risk of missing some inventive music.

The length of the track itself might a little on the long-ish side, but I think the length is a feature and not a bug of the concept of this track. Overall a very immersive experience of a song.

Ababil Ashari Winarizal