The New Consistent – Great Oto (Remix)

Greto Oto (Remix) is the new release from Worcester’s Ben Ramsey’s alter ego The New Consistent. The track was released earlier in 2019 on their ‘Individual Social Accounts and Commentary’ EP but has been given a renewed release after being remixed.

The new remix has given the track a much darker edge than the original, its delicate beat so easily identifiable and so intertwined with the track originally has all but gone, giving the new mix an even greater sadness. Though the framework of the track in its original guise is still present, the track has a much deeper overtone, both lyrically and musically. It feels a more mature song, a scrutiny of someone’s life who’s on the edge, who’s almost gone too far, this is our protagonist saying just how it is – and what ‘it is’, a very determined final warning. It now finds itself becoming a warning, an ode to a last chance; it’s that conversation in a relationship where there is nothing left but to tell each other the plain truth. 

The New Consistent has a headline gig at the Sunflower Lounge on Thursday December 19th so rather than me telling you a mood in which to best listen to them, why not catch them live there? Tickets here.

John Frazer

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