Midge – Treehouse

Having been featured on BBC Introducing and due to play her first ever show in London next week as part of the B29 Tour, Indie folk singer-songwriter Midge has released a new single, ‘Treehouse’. Her delicate voice with escapist lyrics in what is her lead single ahead of a debut EP to be out early next year.

The Nottingham native is said to have taken inspiration from the likes of Marika Hackman and Phoebe Bridges in her work, however ‘Treehouse’ provides a lighter, almost ethereal sound. The acoustic guitar which carries the tune is interwoven with the twinkling from her Stratocaster combining to provide plenty of melodic charm. The soft double bass and cajon subtly adds tone and a certain texture to the track and completes it. It still has an intimate and cosy acoustic feeling yet is brilliantly multi-layered.

Beyond the very fine instrumentalism, the former busker’s enchanting voice binds everything together. Her voice shares a similar alluring quality of stateside folk artist Sufjan Stevens with the femme quality of Molly Burch. The crowd at Birmingham’s ValeFest recently were said to have fallen in love with her angelic voice.

Midge beautifully transports lyrics not only about escaping, climbing into a treehouse away from the troubles of the ever-changing world below, but also about finding happiness in hope for what lies ahead and beyond. “Take me to your treehouse and we’ll stay up all night, singing songs about the future til’ we both feel alright” the catchy yet many a time mood-capturing chorus goes.

With more of the same delicately crafted lyrics and acoustic tracks along with bouts of heavier rock and electronica promised, it will be exciting to hear how Midge will surely further captivate us in the future.

Aradi Priyanto

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