Stainwasher – Chems

Stainwasher is a no-compromise electronic musician and vocalist recreating the landscapes and emotional soundscapes of her native Sweden.

To have a partial understanding of her work, experience the images of gradually desiccating flowers (and eventually the singer) on the accompanying video for 2019 track ‘Drying’ while bathing in the dense textures of the music, or listen to the seasonally spiritual ‘Helga Natt’ with a heavenly choir blended seamlessly into the mix.

New single ‘Chems’ is another deep dark feast; a subtly discernible beat marches on steadily in the first part of the song as the otherworldly vocal is so at one with the synthesised sound that it seems to be another setting on the keyboard. Halfway through the voice takes over; the listener is none the wiser as the words remain an enigma.

The video consists of constantly moving close-ups of natural forms, possibly filmed in a forest looking through the leaves towards the stars or into layers of water. It is simultaneously soothing or disturbing, depending on your viewpoint.

Her overallĀ vision on this singleĀ is mysterious and challenging but strangely addictive. In the words of the performer ‘…I built the track and added stuff until it felt just as anxious as I like it….’

Mike Wright