Sizzy Rocket – Spill My Guts

‘Spill My Guts’ is the lead single from Sizzy Rocket’s new album, ‘ANARCHY’. On ‘Spill MyGuts’ Sizzy taps into what she calls her inner “fucked up Nancy Sinatra.” Complemented by a minimalist trap beat and a hypnotizing guitar riff, Sizzy’s falsetto vocals take center stage throughout the song. “It’s about how potent and dangerous desire can be if it’s for the wrong person,” Sizzy writes.

The track has a cinematic, soundtrack quality to it. Sizzy’s haunting vocals perfectly complement the beat, and occasional echos give the track a classy, chilling aspect. ‘Spill My Guts’ is a track which needs to be listened to closely to really feel its underlying emotion. Her new album, ‘ANARCHY’, was just released on September 25th, and is definitely worth a listen. The 10-track album includes previous heavy-hitting singles, ‘That Bitch’, ‘Smells Like Sex’ and ‘Rollerskating’ as well as seven brand new tracks. With strong press love this year from the likes of MTV, PAPER, Office Magazine, and Culture Collide, the release of ‘ANARCHY’ is sure to make a splash among fans and tastemakers alike.

Sizzy effortlessly combines her punk-rock roots with her lyrical pop prowess across the
album. She juxtaposes slow burners like ‘Spill My Guts’ with in-your-face anthems like
‘Straight To Mars (feat. Wes Period)’, curating a record that is bold and evocative from start
to finish. “I want you to be able to drown in this record — indulge in the big, dangerous
feelings,” Sizzy writes. “Because fuck it — that’s who we are, who we’ve always been, and
you can be whoever the fuck you wanna be. Even queen of the world, just for a moment.
Friction on leather in the backseat, fleeting like the lifespan of a rose, this is our rebellion and
it feels like LOVE, psychedelic and warm. The stakes are high but the reward is higher than
heaven — so let me take you all the way.”

Ryan Powell