It`s been a year since the sudden (and unexpected) hiatus of Junior Weeb. This young West Midlands four piece were compared to Peace, BabyPink and Viola Beach and in just few years shared stages with the biggest names of the indie circuit: Catholic Action, Muncie Girls, Soeur, Nuns of the Tundra, Black Waters, Strange Bones and Ivory Wave among others.

Taking a break from their main project Juniors – as the members are collectively known  – explore new musical avenues. Max Killing joined The Americas, Chris Phee formed Sedated Society while Quentin Hill and Joe Halsall moved to drum `n` bass and music production.

And it`s such a pleasure to see the results of collaboration between Quentin and Joe – because the song they crafted together is exactly what the world needs right now. Positivity, sense of humour and wicked beats are a-plenty on QCH`s debut single “OH HEYYY”. Main vocals are delivered by Quentin Clarke Hill with Joe Webby overtaking the production side of things.

“OH HEYYY” serves as an introduction to who Quentin is: a young man, artist and athlete and lists his goals and dreams for the future. And the list is impressive: a YouTuber, MC, business owner, musician, touring partner, a man who finds a cure for cancer and even fixes refugee crisis. It`s like Skee-Lo`s “I Wish” only a bit more ambitious. Of course not everything is possible and Quentin knows it. That’s why the song comes with a large dose of humour (sometimes aimed at Quentin himself) and an honest statement that the most important thing is positivity and determination.

The single is accompanied with a simple and yet fitting video done by Daniel Oliver aka Faded Visuals. It shows Quentin chilling at home with his dogs, showing the viewer around his neighbourhood (alongside some landmarks of Worcester) and living his day to day life.

What is truly remarkable is that “OH HEYYY” is over six minutes long. For a debut single that is very rare. It would be truly awesome if the whole song could be played on the radio, but maybe there will be a radio edit mix available soon. I actually hope there will be cause I bet a tenner the single would easily make it to both BBC Hereford and Worcester and BBC West Midlands, and maybe even to the A List on Brum Radio.

Summarizing – a very strong debut single from a drummer who can also rap and pack a lyrical punch when it requires (check out the verse on animal cruelty in the song), who is also a basketball player, YouTuber, occasional model  and a sticks man for both Junior Weeb and Capitol Slush and a music college student. You think it’s impossible to squeeze so much talent into one man? Well QCH is 6`7 and there is a lot of space left there not only for talent and development but also for doing things nobody thinks of. Like finding a cure for cancer. Why not?

Malicia Dabrowicz (Vanadian Avenue)