Mothé – Summer’s Almost Gone


Mothé, the project of non-binary artist Spencer Fort, has released a bittersweet single in ‘Summer’s Almost Gone’, that whilst very relaxing has a touch of melancholia.

Normally songs with summer in the title are happy go lucky affairs that bring up thoughts of sunny days on a beach or young lovers frolicking in a field. ‘Summer’s Almost Gone’ goes slightly against the grain though as it looks to those days when summer is nearing the end. Days that perhaps have you reminiscing and getting a little bit sad that the fun times you experienced over the previous few weeks are now just a memory to move on from.

I don’t want this review to make it seem like ‘Summer’s Almost Gone’ is a depressing song though. It’s actually beautiful. It’s nicely paced with a very chilled indie pop vibe. Mothé’s vocals are particularly tender during the chorus which sees the song title as the lyric. The final minute of the track sees it almost wind down to a standstill before lifting back up truimphantly and gives off the feeling that yes, summer is almost gone, but maybe, just maybe, everything is going to be alright.

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