James TW – Hopeless Romantics

James TW is here to pull on your heart strings with his latest single ‘Hopeless Romantics’. The piano based song serves as a vehicle to highlight James’ exquisite vocal. Combined with the stripped bare rawness of the piano the result is a song to make even the most hardened of people shed a tear.

‘Hopeless Romantics’ is the second single released from James’ upcoming album ‘Heartbeats Changing, Part 1’. The song follows the release of previous single ‘Butterflies’, a song that looked at the breakup of his six-year relationship.

“Everything I wrote was about the breakup,” he admits. “I basically met her when I was 15-years-old. We started going out a year later. We were living together. I was honestly planning the rest of my life around her. It was obviously a big shock to the system, so the songs came flooding out. I wanted to capture all of the different emotions in the aftermath.”

“’Hopeless Romantic’ was actually the first tune I wrote after I moved out,” he recalls. “Many of the songs sort of said, ‘I really miss you’ and hinted at wanting to be back together. This one says, ‘I’m okay now. I don’t need that’. I wanted it to be a happy breakup. I’m proud of that relationship even though it didn’t work out. The song was the last time I went back to the place where we broke up. I just wanted to celebrate what we’d done together.”

Gary Tibbs