KYTES – the beat is on hold


‘the beat is on hold’ is the sprightly new single from Munich-based quartet KYTES. A tune to get you moving on the dance floor, the German foursome bring the groove on this track that is full of summer vibes. Funky basslines, lush synths and sweet melodies, it’s impossible not to enjoy this song.

Talking about ‘the beat is on hold’ the band had the following to say:

“This is a refreshing, danceable and powerful tune. In times where we all are in desperate need of some extra motivation, the track feels even stronger. We were struggling with inspiration for new music. Our tour got postponed twice, we just had released a record shortly before lockdown. So when it came to writing new songs, we had to go down another path. We had to incorporate all these things that happened in the last year. A long break, lockdown, all the things we missed so badly and all the weird hypes like banana bread, home workouts, live streams and so on. Ultimately the song is our call for normality, but in the most positive and uplifting way, we could think of”.

Gary Tibbs