Jessica Luise – a.m.

Jessica Luise

Earlier this year Manchester-based artist Jessica Luise released an absolute peach of a song with her single ‘Nice Try’. A song that hit you straight in the heart and made you fall in love with it within seconds. Topping that, in my opinion, was going to be hard, that’s how good I think ‘Nice Try’ is. But with new release ‘a.m.’ she has come very close. It’s another gem of a track.

Taken from debut EP ‘Going In Blind’, which is out July 9th, ‘a.m.’ is the lead single. It’s a summery indie pop track that once again not only shows how good a songwriter Jessica is, it also serves as a vehicle to highlight her gorgeous vocals. The press release mentions The Sundays and that’s fitting as I can definitely hear Harriet Wheeler et al in this track. It’s a song that manages to make you feel both happy and sad at the same time. Sunny yet gloomy. To be able to conjur up both emotions at the same time in a song is a gift and shows why Jessica Luise is someone we all need to start paying attention to.

On the strength of both ‘a.m.’ and non-Ep track ‘Nice Try’, I’ve no doubt ‘Going In Blind’ is going to be one of the best releases of 2021.

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