Girl Friday – I’m Impossible

Girl Friday

On their latest single ‘I’m Impossible’, LA based band Girl Friday have strayed from their post-punk origins, opting to release a short dreamy detour from their usual sound. Having already established themselves on their 2020 debut album ‘Androgynous Mary’, the band are now exploring new ground on the first half of their double A side single.

Whilst I am unsure if this is intentional, the opening seconds of ‘I’m Impossible’ sound as though they have been taken from a vaporwave track. The layers of nostalgic synths and noisy sound effects wouldn’t necessarily sound out of place on vaporwave essentials such as ‘Floral Shoppe’ by Macintosh Plus or, in particular, ‘Birth of a New Day’ by 2 8 1 4. This sets the tone of the track as not only does it suggest an ethereal, laidback song but it also shows the progression of the band’s sound and aesthetic.

However when the muffled, snappy drums kick in, the song takes a different direction, and when the lush piano melodies are paired with the dense layers of rich harmonies, the result is the perfect combination of subtle indie pop and ambient electronica. I feel it necessary to praise the vocal performance on this track which at times reminded me of Phoebe Bridgers. I think both artists are similar in the sense that their vocal delivery can often be hushed and reserved, yet they have no issue when something a little more powerful is needed.

All in all, this is certainly a track you don’t want to miss. I hope this new sound is one which the band expand upon and I can only hope the second song from this release can live up to the very high standard which has been set by the first.

Aidan Mcguire