Husky Loops – You Bore Me

Trying to pin down those Husky Loop boys is somewhat like trying to swat a rather mercurial coked-up fly. “I fucking hate choruses” singer, writer and guitarist Danio Forni once told me. Shortly after Husky Loops released a single with….a chorus. (You had to be there to know exactly what he meant though.) The curious album that followed was a mix of grime, rhyme, pop, mashed beats, samples and altogether disorienting craziness.

New single ‘You Bore Me’ is an unexpected return to the dark brilliance of the first two EP’s however – moody, sombre, heavy and bristling with edgy belligerence and sharp intelligence. It’s a total grungy belter.

The bands next venture might be an opera or a concept album or a musical theatre production. It might even be an hour of banging pots and pans. Or even dub reggae interpretations of the hits’ of Steps. Tragedy! Ah who knows; enjoy them while you can.