Hunter James And The Titanic – La Liberte

Hunter James And The Titanic

Based in Denver, Colorado Hunter James and the Titanic are one of those bands you encounter that ooze star-quality. The type of band that could easily find their names in lights within a short amount of time, Hunter James leads the band through breathtaking folk, heartfelt Americana and comes across as diverse. 

Consisting of sometimes as many as  nine-members, you’ll find the band reflecting on the memory of young love lost with a crying hope for redemption. Summarising the album;, Hunter James shares, “La Liberte is about finding joy and meaning amongst the trudge of everyday existence”.

Composed of 12-tracks weaving through multiple sonic textures, ‘La Liberte’ radiates love and reflection – something the world certainly needs more of at the moment. Our personal favourite single is ‘Over the Line’ – a foot stomping release that harkens back to the feeling of driving down the highway in your parent’s wood-trimmed station wagon before you ever got your driver’s license.