Cuntrie & Elsa Carmona – Dear Sadness

A collaboration of two emotionally-direct performers, this single is a real grower. After a short introduction that heralds the arrival of rich 80’s synths and cavernous, echoing drumbeats Elsa Carmona opens the duet with a sincere and emotive vocal ‘…I feel it all but I can’t explain…goosebumps when you call my name…’ and delivers the universe-unifying enigmatic phrase ‘…as above and so below….’.

But like much of the best pop music it doesn’t take long to burst through the mystery to the killer chorus at the core of the song, ‘…dear sadness, I call on you…dear sadness, I talk to you….’

Cuntrie (Ebba Gustafsson Ågren) steps up for the second verse, her brittle and haunting vocals taking the melody in other directions. As the track continues the voices weave around each other, especially in the hypnotic middle section; the lush synthesisers and restrained beat follow a leisurely pace throughout, after all there is no point in rushing a song of this high quality…

Dear Sadness is released April 3rd via Feverish.

Mike Wright