Fletcher Gull – Remember That You’re Gone

Fletcher Gull is a one man band from Australia who makes very calming and melancholy songs, poetry and soundscapes in the style of alternative electronic pop.

In the first song, ‘Hypothermia’, the main guitar riff seems to be the basis of this track, it glues everything together so the listener has something to stick to. I love the compressed and low fidelity sound. The dynamics are great. It’s filled with many different instruments, and some lovely dream-pop style synths. It has got a nursery rhyme feel with the glockenspiel, playing really nice crushed drums that sound like an old drum sampler you would hear in 1980’s hip hop records, making this an auditory treat.

In the second song ‘February’ the progression of loudness and tension was enough to give me goosebumps. Good vocal performance as well as relaxed soft guitars with the atmospheric synths powering it. The pacing is great when the drum samples kick in. Some of the effects used are reminiscent of bands such as Beach House. 

‘Eleven Dollars’ is my favourite song off of this whole EP. It begins with some wonderful found-sounds, then later on some impactful keyboards paired with pianos that provide an underwater sound, submerged and bubbling to the top. Pair this with the glitchy drums that tingle your ears and emotional and well thought out lyrics that breaks the heart of the listener. It feels like you are looking outside of your window thinking of someone you have missed. But it also feels comforting, and not filled with self pity. And later, when the orchestral instruments come in, it gives the song a sense of direction. By the end of this track it feels like the turmoil resolves itself, or the person in the lyrics has finally accepted what has happened.

The final song is a demo called ‘Deciduo’ that lifts the spirits of the listener. Finally something that makes you wanna get up and be happy! Great basslines and still in keeping with the very unique style of multiple layers of instruments. This keeps the listener thinking and guessing what’s gonna happen next because it’s very unpredictable, yet not random. It always makes sense and each instrument has an emotional purpose as well as a purely sonic one.

Gull has a very unique voice, and the lyrics are very poignant. It’s like entering a fantasy world and travelling through it. The journeys he takes us through, as a listener, are really very visual. Similar to watching an episode from the ‘Adventure Time’ cartoon as a child. It gives me those very same emotions. I can’t quite compare it to anything I’ve heard before, except I can hear inspirations from perhaps MGMT in some of the very wacky and very amazing electronic synth sounds.

The songwriting is immense. The way all the ideas are stitched together is something to be envious of. All in all this record was very melancholic and very psychedelic. Gull’s poetry really shines through in his songs, and it’s extremely impressive.

Joe Sinclair