Big Baby – String Of Pearls

Richmond, Virginia. I always picture Virginia in the U.S of A as Big Country: rolling plains of land, hot, dry, horses pulling wooden carriages, and yards and yards of gingham (whatever that is?). So, pretty much the opening scenes of The Little House on the Prairie. But it seems things have moved on and Big Baby have a fabulous new single and there isn’t a banjo or a Jews-harp in sight. No sir-ee, this is some fine sugar-glazed fuzzy indie-pop of the highest order.

Lead singer Ali’s vocals are a cherub-sweet ear pleaser with just the right amount of I-don’t-care coquettish twist. The repeating lead guitar melody is a light-footed care-free skip along the highway. ‘String Of Pearls’ has a jaunty character that gets under your skin and lifts your mood. And you just gotta love a song that does that on a damp day this side of the pond.

Terri Lee