Atlas Run – Better Off

2020 could well be the year of a more mature sounding pop-rock alternative in the mainstream. That funny-looking ginger fella has had a long run with his folk infused hip-hop mash-up. However, unless you’ve had your head in a bucket you couldn’t help but notice the rise of the likes of Lewis Capaldi and Sam Fender. Song writing craft, solid performers – it’s as if there is a yearning for something more grounded and real; and now for something rockier to get the blood going.

Scottish band Atlas Run do a fine job of moody realism on this their latest single, ‘Better Off’. A mid-paced offering that has a feel of urgency in the guitar, drum and bass. Paul Howie’s emotive lyrics are given a greater depth with a heartfelt and distinctive vocal – good to hear a local accent as opposed to the generic Americanised standard favoured by far too many. He sounds like he means it too; and Atlas Run sound like they are ones to watch.

Terri Lee