TV People – Out Of The Silence

TV People

There is a welcoming and familiar sound in TV People’s ‘Out of the Silence‘, the latest single release in the lead up to their debut EP. The band gives the listener plenty to enjoy as they delicately layer different styles together to create a steadily paced yet invigorating song.

Early in the song you can understand why similarities have been drawn to bands such as Editors and Interpol, but without a doubt the band have produced their own sound. With Out of the Silence there is a darkness and roughness which is helped by the singer’s direct approach.

Out of the Silence has a very natural progression to it with the subtle verses contrasted by the grander choruses. Later in the song, the guitar solo starts off understated but as the vocals return and more instruments are added the song builds up for one last chorus, rounding it off in style. For me, the song is a slow burner, with every listen there’s a different element or a new lyric that stands out, adding to the overall sound of Out of the Silence.

The band say that this song comes from the energy they witnessed in Dublin which provided them with optimism and inspiration as they were recording music. Rather fittingly, you can imagine this song as a perfect backdrop to a bustling city scene.

In the same way that Out of the Silence is a song of optimism, optimism should surround TV People as they continue to release more music.

TV People’s Out of the Silence is out now.

Ben Ainslie