Interview – Alexa Dark

Alexa Dark © Kristina Shakt

Indie Midlands Interview With Alt Rock Singer-Songwriter Alexa Dark

Defying genre with musical dexterity, Alexa Dark draws inspiration from her transient, multicultural upbringing and eclectic musical taste. She was raised between Spain, Germany and London. She now lives in New York City, and has just released her debut single, ‘Fade to Black and Blue’. 

We’ve read you lived in many different countries growing-up. Did it have an impact on the kind of music, poetry, or lyrics you create?

Definitely. Growing up in different countries and in a household of different cultures exposed me to sounds, artists, languages, and styles I would have otherwise never known. All of those things combined have influenced everything from the lyrics, to the instruments used in the song, to the techniques used in production.

Is there one experience that made you realize you were an artist or did it slowly build-up over the years? 

I don’t think there was ever one particular moment I can point to where I realized I was an artist. It’s just kind of in my DNA, and was never really a choice – creating music became a mode of self expression early on for me, and it all began to build from there. Over the years of writing, performing, and now putting out music, I’ve developed, and I’m always continuing to grow everyday.

How did you write ‘Fade to Black and Blue’?

My producer Matt Chiaravalle sent me an idea for a chord progression one night when I was alone in my NYC apartment, and they seemed to capture exactly how I was feeling in that moment of time. The lyrics kind of came flowing out of me.

How would you describe your style?

Mick Jagger meets something out of a French New Wave film.

How involved were you in the making of the music video for ‘Fade to Black and Blue’? We loved it!

Thank you! I came up with the concept with the director Giles Perkins, and we built it out together. It was fun to work collaboratively to bring this idea I had to life in such a special location with a great crew.

Do you have other releases planned for this year?

Yes! I’m releasing another song next month and then more to come after.


Charlotte Lucas