Trunky Juno – Hawaiian Pizza

Trunky Juno

‘Hawaiian Pizza’ is the latest single from Newcastle’s Trunky Juno. The track is one of four on his new EP ‘Good Dog’ which was released on July 2nd.

Hawaiian Pizza is a song about tuning out people who shit all over everything you like. I like Hawaiian pizza, you like Hawaiian pizza so let’s be friends and eat Hawaiian pizza together” says Trunky.

Musically ‘Hawaiian Pizza’ is summery bedroom pop. Upbeat, Trunky sings “I’ve got Hawaiian pizza in the oven coming soon, the fridge is full of cold ones, enough for two”. It’s a track that makes you want to actually get together with your friends and enjoy some beers and a pizza. Especially given all everyone has been through since March 2020.

The lo-fi DIY vibe of the track brings charm to the song. It might not be a song that will get stuck in your head but it’s one you will always enjoy hearing. And it’s a song that if it doesn’t have you dancing will definitely have one of your limbs tapping or nodding away.

Give it a go and make yourself feel happy. Give the EP below a listen as well.

Trunky Juno plays The Sunflower Lounge on November 20th. Tickets can be purchased here.

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