Treeskin – Change

How will you be spending New Years Day 2020? Drummer for Michigan-based The Accidentals, Michael Dause, is starting the new decade by releasing the first single from a forthcoming solo project album. Beat that! Ok, don’t beat that, it’s not a competition it’s about living your best life, and ‘Change’ is about just that.

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer Dause is facing his personal anxiety head-on, determined not let it control what he does. Many people, I’m sure, will see themselves in this spirited Emo indie-folk track. The pace and driving energy imbue a sense of optimism and clout. The guitar melodies are a glorious mix of The Cure’s gothic pallor and The Smiths winsome melodic jangle.

Start the decade with your best foot forward, as they (might) say. Treeskin are doing just that.

Terri Lee

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