Torture And The Desert Spiders – Money

Self-described as “one gal making music in her flat”, Torture & The Desert Spiders (Anna Kunz) is a punky rock artist who does everything herself. On her new track, ‘Money’, she plays every instrument, except the drums (Ronan Murphy), and she produced and mastered it herself. It is a “chugging rock baby” for her.

‘Money’ is about a night out, house shows and ‘weird folks’. It has a raw, almost DIY feel to it, and Anna’s distinctive vocal style means I could listen to this song over and over again. A post-punk record with clear influences from the 1980’s British punk movement, it has an infectious energy and I was left singing “Money, money, money” for a long time after the song stopped playing.

I really enjoyed it and I hope that there are some more tracks in the

Ryan Powell