The Sunset Beach Hut – Funk

The Sunset Beach Hut today release new single ‘Funk’. A long time staple of their live set, ‘Funk’ is the second release from upcoming debut EP ‘Ex Blurst Ist’.

As you would expect by the name, ‘Funk’ is indeed very funky. From the moment the groovy bassline of Luke McCrohon opens the song your body will want to move. Matty George’s drums kick in and away we go. Singer Aphra Smith’s dreamy vocals dance atop of the music that is given even more funk by the jangly guitar of Ben Thomas. Indeed this is the first song by the quartet to date which has a guitar solo, giving Thomas the chance to really shine on the track with his playing.

‘Funk’ isn’t just about dancing though, there is meaning behind the lyrics as Smith explains –

”With my lyrics I’m always trying to find the balance between sincerity and giving everything away. A lot of what I want to write about is quite personal and me being quite closed off I struggle to talk about my feelings. This song is an ode to vagueness. Because the answer to the question posed in the first line of the song – “what harm could it do?” – is a lot, and that really is as artists what we’re all most scared of.”

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