Ruth Lyon – Fast Food

Ruth Lyon

I keep getting emails from my gym reminding me that we’ve all apparently piled on pounds over lockdown, in an effort to guilt trip me back onto the treadmill, so it’s nice to hear a song that is the antithesis of post-covid austerity and celebrates just living your best life. It’s got a bass that sets the tone for an evening of comfort eating and drinking with friends and carries this through with shameless energy to the end of the song.

It’s difficult not to like this song – maybe it’s the food references setting off something subliminal or the catchy chorus but it just flows nicely from beginning to end. The funky bass, mood-lifting brass, and Ruth’s unique voice are all beautifully combined to create a piece of music that anyone can either ponder and relate to, or get up and dance to, which in my opinion is the best type of song.

Ramani Eaton