Roselien – Give Me a Break


“Give Me A Break” is an adventurous, groove-infused number with a strong neo-soul persona. Energetic and empowering all under one roof, the exceptional new release specialises in leaving listeners wanting more. Bound to leave your feet tapping from the very first note, ‘Give Me A Break’ continues to bring something new to the table with each listen.

Sharing her thoughts on the message of the iconic new single, Roselien explains, “Give Me A Break is about realising how high the price can be for chasing your dream”.

Created using a DX27 Yamaha synthesiser and a JX3P Roland synthesizer, Ableton and drum samples of Dr Dre and Timbaland, the new EP is a diverse release that reflects Roselien’s time in London, after moving from Brussels to pursue a career in music. Her emotions and struggles are expressed in the four songs, which were not only self-produced, but Roselien also played every instrument you can hear on the EP.