Paradise Of The Titans – Mermaid

Coventry’s Paradise of the Titans are in a wonderful world of their own on debut single ‘Mermaid’.

The music’s minimalist: just reverb-soaked drums and ethereal synths. It’s the vocals that stand out here. Singer-songwriter Alice Weston’s reversed vocals and harmonies multiply and loop, forming a supernatural-dreampop language that almost becomes another synth. It’s magical. Like listening to music underwater. Surrounded by mermaids.

Like vocals in lots of early shoegaze that were wrapped in layers of effects to make them almost indecipherable, or with singers who perform in an unfamiliar language, you don’t need to know what’s being said to understand the emotions. And ‘Mermaid’ is drenched in them.

‘Mermaid’ is the lead single off an EP of the same name to be released on 28 August.

Jamie Summerfield