Margot & The Midnight Tenants – I Will Make Some Noise

Margot & The Midnight Tennants

Margot & The Midnight Tennants are inviting you on a trip to another planet on their new single ‘I Will Make Some Noise’.

The title track from their latest EP, ‘I Will Make Some Noise’ has an early Computer Magic vibe to it. The use of B-movie inter-galactic sound effects along with the synths helps to transport you to another world many moons away. The vocals are soft and light which adds to the overall ethereal and chilled vibe of the song, especially when they are put through the vocoder.

The band say that ‘I Will Make Some Noise’ is “about taking a leap into self-exploration and coming face-to-face with the challenges that come along with that journey”. The beauty of this track is you can choose to go on the journey looking for self-exploration or just to tag along as a passenger looking to relax.

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