Marana Blake – California Waves

‘California Waves’ is the new single by Marana Blake.

The song is a catchy track that is a mix of alt rock and indie pop. Blake’s impressive vocal is a real highlight of the song. The drums drive the track on complimented by the bass and guitar.

Talking about the song Blake had the following to say:

“‘California Waves’ is a metaphor. I wrote it to be versatile and relatable, able to conform to the difficult situation that the listener faces. It can be about mental health, relating to the inner indecisiveness and fighting that goes on between the head and heart. Things may be smooth one moment and then rough the next- the opposite emotions come in ‘waves’. It also relates to relationships that are come-and-go, changing at a moments notice. The overall vibe evokes a familiar nostalgic sadness.”

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