Mandy, Indiana – i’ve seen a way

Mandy, Indiana

Dark, beautiful, mysterious and silk-like are just four ways of describing the amalgamation of music on the debut album of Mandy, Indiana ‘i’ve seen a way’.

The album is a complete and utter musical journey, it truly has the ability to transport you from the most heavenly to the most cathartic of places – all while maintaining a no-wave like, experimental dance groove. Hailing from Manchester, the groups roots can be traced back to as early as 2019 where members Caulfield, Fair, Catling and McDougal release a smattering of singles before their debut EP released in 2021. Its sensational to see how this band has progressed across their four years of activity – its no wonder they’ve received acclaim from Girl Band, Squid and The Horrors.

The album opens with ‘Love Theme (4K VHS)’, which really does serve as a tone setter to the record – yet if I had to pick a favorite then this would be the second track ‘Drag [Crashed]’ for its experimentation and practically perfect blending of different sounds and textures together to make a song that really does feel fresh and unique. I’m really excited by the experimentation on this record, to hear that samples have been taken from locations as left field as a Bristol shopping center and having live drums recorded in a west country cave (all while being interrupted by confused spelunkers and angry yoga session goers after having their peaceful session interrupted).

Track 5 ‘Mosaik’ really does sum up the album well in my opinion – the song merely ends mid way through a drum beat. It may read strange to you, but in the context of the album it’s sensational. It’s great to see experimentation alive and well in an industry so polarized with artists wanting to be the next Oasis. I can firmly hold my hands up and say that this is one of the best records I’ve heard all year and I’m all the better for having discovered it.

Despite its experiments, the album is not too long and comes in just shy of 38 minutes – but my God do the group pack a strong punch into their debut offering! From the wavey synths on ‘2 Stripe’ to the epic atmosphere on the album’s closer ‘Sensitivity Training’. This record doesn’t lack or over use anything – you, as the listener, are handed exactly what you need to hear.

Listen to this album. You must.

Alex Malpass