Luce Cargo – Drifting Off

Luce Cargo

Adelaide’s Luce Cargo have released new single ‘Drifting Off’.

‘Drifting Off’ is a classic shoegaze track with its swirling guitars, reverb, vocals that are overpowered by the music… It’s also a song that doesn’t have a chorus yet doesn’t suffer from that as there is enough going on in the verses to more than enjoy.

Talking about the lyrics the band say they are the “inner monologue of someone who is unhappy with their current stage in life, reflective of isolation in 2020, and the pressure of society’s expectations of someone in their late 20’s. They feel trapped and unable to progress – “I feel like I can’t take off” – and instead, opt to think of better times, and then wonder where it all went wrong – “My mind turns to older thoughts. My mind turns…” These reflections often crop up when lying awake at 3am or driving to and from work.”

If you love shoegaze, and especially old school early 90’s shoegaze, ‘Drifting Off’ is a track for you.

Gary Tibbs