Destroy Boys – Locker Room Bully

Destroy Boys

Ahead of the release of their new album ‘Open Mouth, Open Heart’ on October 8th, California’s Destroy Boys have released new single ‘Locker Room Bully’.

“Locker Room Bully comes from the perspective of someone wrongly vilified. It’s about people talking about something they have no idea about, people confidently playing a game of telephone. LRB talks about bullies and the ways that they project their problems on other people, and my personal decision to ignore such people” says singer Alexia Roditis.

She continues – “

“I think social media does wonderful things, but it’s proven that false information gets spread wider and faster than factual information. This causes some people to misplace their support and anger. I think the internet and social media greatly limit the amount of nuance we are able to share, with its fast and short format — truth gets lost. 

LRB is a product of the anger, desperation, and sadness I’ve felt in the last year. Throughout my life I’ve been confronted with people who don’t like me or don’t get what I’m doing, or people who think they’re right about something they know nothing about. I am frustrated to no end. But LRB is also my line in the sand I suppose, a sign of letting go of people and situations I don’t control and don’t care about me.”

Musically ‘Locker Room Bully’ is a kick ass piece of modern-day Riot Grrrl. Driving guitars and a pounding rhythm section set the scene, Roditis’ vocals scream, shout and emphasize her frustrations and it’s a track that puts you in the mood to take no shit from anyone.

‘Locker Room Bully’ is the perfect song to fire you up. Give it a go below, you won’t be disappointed.

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