Lindsay Munroe – Weekend Love

Lindsay Munroe

A new single from Manchester singer/songwriter Lindsay Munroe; a follow up to ‘Need A Ride’ from earlier this year. Carefully built around a time-pulsing drum pattern and sparse guitars as a stripped back platform for Lindsay’s musings it was a hypnotic and immersive track.

Now ‘Weekend Love’ is a lighter and faster narrative, based around a casual meeting, filled with ambiguity and cautious optimism ‘…..I like the way that you dance at parties…I don’t play games so tell me what you want from me…..’ before the glorious resolution of the chorus ‘… it’s a weekend love…..I know we’re falling three days at a time….’.

As the rhythm rules and the synths swirl the song is carried along by the momentum of the warm vocal, then suddenly we reach a reflective middle-eight ‘…but I just wanna know now…..what we could become….’.  It makes you wish you were at that party, possibly on the cusp of something special…

Mike Wright