Lindsay Munroe – Split

The alt-indie Mancunian Lindsay Munroe faces her past head on in her spine-chilling new single ‘Split. After her recent success of ‘Mirror’, this takes a much more sombre tone, reckoning on her conservative religious past and triumphantly reclaims a part of herself she feels she lost along the way.

With such a light and soulful voice, her words really fill your heart and leave you reeling when she cries “I can’t love you when I’m so ashamed”. Be sure to prepare yourself as Munroe takes you on a journey with what she describes as being one of the rawest songs she has ever written. The pure power of the songs climax will have you trembling with your hair sticking up on edge as she overcomes her embedded black and white upbringing and attempts to overcome all the pain it brought her.

Lyrically vulnerable and emotionally driven, ‘Split’ is a revelatory insight into her life and shows the strength she’s had to build. Lindsay sings so gently yet powerful as she releases a bit of herself into this song.

After being played heavily on BBC introducing last year, this is the second track following ‘Mirror” that Munroe has released from her coming EP ‘Our Heaviness” due to be released on the 8th May.

Niamh Christian