Jade Imagine – Coastal Pines

Melbourne’s Jade Imagine returns with ‘Coastal Pines’, the first new releases since 2019 debut album ‘Basic Love’.

On ‘Basic Love’ Jade Imagine gave us 10 glorious tracks that were all tinged with a relaxing US west coast vibe and thankfully ‘Coastal Pines’ continues that theme. Evoking comparisons to the likes of Best Coast, ‘Coastal Pines’ puts you in a chilled summer vibe on a beach looking out in to the sea.

I’m not going to apologise for the amount of ‘coast’s’ or ‘coastal’s’ in the previous paragraph because it really is such an important word when it comes to this song. Let your hair down, jump in your car and cruise along blissfully towards the dunes whilst you listen to the track.

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