Ina Shai – What Is

Ina Shai

Evocative songstress Ina Shai is back with a powerful new R&B ballad, ‘What Is’. Based in London and certainly turning heads with her soulful soundscapes, ‘What Is’ completely exceeds any expectations that you may have already had. Effortlessly enchanting with a powerful message, the track is accompanied with a distinctive chorus of layered gospel backing. Impressively diverse and one of the most sultry track’s you’ll encounter this month, ‘What Is’ dropped June 18th.

Adding to the track’s message, Ina Shai explains, “The song ‘What Is’ was inspired by a deep, one-of-a-kind soulmate love. It talks about the beauty and intricacy of love as it leaves us wondering: »how do we know this is the real thing«? This song means a lot to me as I’ve written it whilst still in a relationship and now it sort of represents my goodbye to the person I was and everything I thought I knew about love. I think that showing love to yourself is the most important thing as only then we can truly love everyone around us.”