IMOGEN – Bloodbag


IMOGEN is a young Newcastle based singer songwriter and campaigner who after surgery had to learn to walk again and her new track Bloodbag deals with the emotional, mental and physical pain and trauma she had to go through in this scary period of her life.

The track opens with an almost repetitive single piano note and IMOGEN’s soaring vocals certainly draw favourable comparisons to such esteemed artists as Tori Amos. There are also clear hints of 1980’s era Kate Bush with the performance piece video where she is trapped in a giant spiders web and seeing her good and evil sides approaching her in an ever increasing nightmarish scenario.

The track builds with her frenetic voice underpinned by a frenzied bass before slowly falling back to a wonderful acapella ending which has showcased both ends of this talented young lady’s vocal range.

The track probably needs to be viewed with it’s accompanying video to get the full power, fright and anguish that she wants to display. But as an audio track only it holds it own and shows this is yet another creative and talented young performer to keep an eye on.

Mark Wakeman