I, Doris – Just Some Doris

London based I, Doris consider themselves the world’s first middle-aged girl-band. ‘Mummycore’ is their genre. What they are however is four ladies who are clearly enjoying themselves making amusing pop songs taking the piss out of the patriachy and other such issues.

‘Just Some Doris’ is twee indie pop. The sound of the keys brings a little bit of a church organ sound to the party, it’s a happy sound that floats nicely over the guitar and rhythm section. The vocals are charming and add to the fun of the track. The melody is simple, but enjoyable.

‘Just Some Doris’ probably isn’t going to make anyone’s top 10 songs of 2019 list, but who cares, it’s fun and the Doris’ are clearly having a great time making music. Here’s to ‘mummycore’!

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