girlhouse – mt. shasta dr

mt. shasta dr is the debut single from L.A. based girlhouse. A song the band say is about “growing up in Oregon and moving to L.A.”.

mt. shasta dr is a dreamy indie pop track that is full of charm. The slow pace of the song really allows you to glide along with it. The repetitive guitars never threaten to become tedious as they sound sublime. The vocals, of the singer who’s name I sadly don’t know, suit the song down to a tee. There is a tinge of melancholia to them without ever becoming too sad and they compliment the lush music perfectly.

If mt. shasta dr was released by Snail Mail or Soccer Mommy etc it’s a song that would be getting a lot of attention. That’s really the biggest compliment I can give it. As debut singles go it’s great.

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