Em – EM

Talented singer-songwriter and New Jersey native, Em, is out with her new self-titled debut album called EM. The collection includes tracks that are bold, original, sweet, confident and authentic to Em’s personal sound. The artist has put down her walls and has allowed herself to be vulnerable during the creation process of this record.  

The magical album is a composition of expressive and heartwarming melodies where Em is pouring all of her emotions and thoughts into the lyrically golden tracks. The album as a whole showcases Em’s many talents as each vocalocity is flexible and a profound piece of art on its own. Her envisioned and illuminating production was brought to life when Em finally pictured this moment to be the perfect time for a debut album.

Some of the biggest hits on EM are lyrically relatable tracks called ‘Say What You Mean’ and ‘Blue Light.’ ‘Say What You Mean’, Em takes you on a spiritual journey through love with heartwarming musicality and bold lyrics. The relaxing and soulful hymns urge all listeners to relax and be truthful in life. 

To get the full experience of ‘Blue Light,’ try listening to the tropical melody while driving down the coast and swaying back and forth with your favorite person sitting next to you! It’s an absolute gem by the magnificent Em. 

This album is everything you’d want to play while driving to the beach. Check it out yourself below!

Charlotte Lucas