Dutch Criminal Record – Feel Good

Chichester four piece Dutch Criminal Record have released their new single ‘Feel Good’.

Summery vibes are a plenty on the track with choppy guitars, an infectious bass line and a tight drum pattern driving the music forward. The vocals, both lead and backing, help provide great harmonies to the track, especially when they begin to soar towards the end of the song.

Talking about the track, vocalist/guitarist Joe Delaney-Stone had the following to say:

“I was listening to Orange Juice in my room (the song Rip It Up to be precise) idly playing guitar and the opening riff to ‘Feel Good’ just sort of fell onto my fingers as I was playing along. I liked it so decided to write a song about feeling good as the riff had a chipper vibe to it, however once the lyrics formed it ended up being a sarcastic take on the keep calm and carry on, slap a smile on it attitude towards mental health.”

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