Death By Unga Bunga – Egocentric

Death By Unga Bunga

Deth By Unga Bunga formed in 2007, hail from Norway and take their moniker from the title of punk band The Mummies’ 2003 album.

In their own words they state that this, their latest single ‘Egocentric’ is a ‘beer-drenched banger about looking out for number 1’. “The egocentric mind has no empathy for others and their opinions. Something you’d expect from a child, but it’s often still the case for an insecure grown man. It’s OK to be selfish sometimes, but it doesn’t mean you have to be a complete dick all the time”.

Well quite. Who these ‘grown men’ are based on in this less than empirical study I’ve no idea I’m sure (recognise anyone…surely not?). In my defence, I’ve never been to Norway.  And this for me at least is reassuring.

Back to it. The band seem so reassuringly unaffected by a need to be cool and as genuinely refreshingly as that is, the question remains, can they back that up musically? Well that’s up to you to decide – the track itself is an explosion of sound, beautifully timed in building to an energetic, shouty, crescendo, and definitely going for that ‘banger’ vibe, which to be fair to the band, they stated as much if you were paying attention.

For lazy comparisons it fits for me firmly as a more grown up version of punk pop stables Blink 182, Sum42 and definitely Good Charlotte. If that’s your thing you’ll embrace them and maybe even love ‘em. If it isn’t, then if you want searing guitar solo’s and drumming with Duracell bunny energy levels then at least give it a go. After all, as the song’s ‘raisen d’etre’ is the identification of some questionable traits, let’s all try to be less selfish and less of a dick people! – Death By Unga Bunga have made their observations and have now spoken…

Play it When?

Well rather than giving you an idea what event to play it for, today I’ll recommend a room to play it in! Play it in the kitchen, turned up to 11, full pelt, Saturday night, with a can of cheap larger in hand, spraying over your walls whilst pogoing. Fuck Sunday morning, fuck dry January and fuck the neighbours. After all, the single is about a lack of empathy.

John Frazer