Brain Food – Brain Food

Birmingham’s very own psych-rock quartet Brain Food have released their self-titled second EP. Five tracks of trippy alt-rock full of nostalgia from a time when everyone was dropping LSD.

Opener ‘Poseidon’ sets the tone for what’s to come with it’s mix of surf rock and shoegaze-esque guitars topped off with the laid back vibrato vocal of singer Liam McKeown.

Track two is the epic ‘Canyon Crawler’ which comes in at just over seven minutes, so plenty of time to close your eyes and go on a journey with this one. A catchy melodic lead hook at times clashes with twisted grungier guitars that can make the path of the journey seem a little uncertain.

‘That Feeling’ for me personally is the weakest track on the EP but still feels like a song that would have radio play potential but we are quickly back on course with the excellent ‘Cosmic Jones’. Again the lead guitar hook is a real highlight. There’s also quite a funky bass line going on. The song is definitely one to get you a little more animated on your feet.

Closing track ‘Forbidden Tongue’ was the first single to be released off the EP and it’s probably the most catchy of the five songs. It actually feels like a couple of songs in one and the guitar work is again great. It’s an excellent choice of track to finish the EP with. If you like psych-rock then you are going to love this collection of songs.

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