Big Sea Creature – Letters

After the sad and sudden end of Long Teeth, Sam Asbury and Jade Ellins (also of Dolls) are back with a new project, Big Sea Creature. Sam has recruited Sammy Hughes on guitar and Ian Lee on drums, both from his native Nottingham, to complete the East London based band’s slacker-rock sound to continue their mood-capturing lyricism evidently present in their previous work.

Their debut single ‘Letters’ shows that Sam and Jade have continued to show the promise and potential shown on Long Teeth’s ultimate LP, ‘White T-Shirt’. The well penned and expressive lyrics is carried along by the zippy bassline and soft undertones of the rhythmic guitar and subtle riffs, as well as solid, decorative drum work.

The musicality and the lyrics critical of everyday life itself presented in spoken vocals, are reminiscent of the certain more laid-back works of Pavement and Parquet Courts, who they have taken inspiration from, as well as Aussie rocker Courtney Barnett. The tune itself starts with simplicity, before culminating with driving guitar parts and vocal contributions from Jade to drive the song and its message home.

Vocalist and guitarist Sam speaks of the evening news, existential crisis and fears before proclaiming in the chorus, “even though I don’t like those letters, all the words they make make me feel much better” perfectly and rather bittersweetly capturing how life can never be truly understood. Despite having a rather pensive theme throughout, the tune brings a sense of chirpiness instead of melancholy, inviting us to take a moment to escape from it all.

The band itself started as a more chilled slacker-rock project, however, they are open to featuring their invigorating yet still thought-provoking brand of fast-paced post-punk found in their past projects, which is certainly welcomed.

“I think It will be hard to get away from our love of the fast-paced post punk stuff. So, I would say to expect an evolution in future releases, but really, who knows?!” Sam says about what is to come. It will be exciting to hear where this evolution takes them, but in their current slacker-rock direction, with ‘Letter’ they certainly have found a more than enjoyable formula.

Aradi Priyanto

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