Beck Pete – Same Song

Einstein said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing but expecting different results. (Something along those lines anyway.) Beck Pete has been examining the same thought in regard to her relationships. She further reasons that to save yourself from losing your precious marbles you should either commit or move on. As a self-described ‘story teller’ and ‘muse-writer’ the Philadelphia based singer/songwriter has a desire to “to make cohesive art motivated from a real place that helps ease people into understanding that vulnerability and strength can only exist in tandem”.

Beck Pete has set herself quite the task! ‘Same Song’ sets off in earnest from the get-go as a smouldering cauldron of emotion. Beck Pete’s passionate vocal breaks through moments of tempered pensive restraint. The low trembling bass line follows the vocal ebbing and flowing in waves of intense fury and restraint. “Let me go!” are the final words you hear – chances are you won’t want to.

Terri Lee