Bathe – All I Wanted

Bathe is the musical project of Bailey Crone. This latest single is cover of a song that Paramore devotees, like Bailey herself, know and love.

The Bathe sound of luscious dream-scape vocals, airy atmospheric synths and ambient instrumentation are, as one would hope, there in abundance. Once again the Bathe sound takes you far from this earthly realm and transports you to a better place. The echoing guitar solo among the splash of cymbals adds style and contrast is achingly beautifully done.

Bailey says of the track: “It was important to me to keep the original intentions of the song as far as structure and flow, but I wanted to completely change the aesthetic of the original song to become super dreamy and slightly groovy – which is what I’d define the sound of Bathe as.”

Terri Lee

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