Babe Punch – Wildfire

It seems a long time ago now that a very youthful Babe Punch released their first two songs ‘Snake Tongue’ & ‘Fixation’. Back then they were very raw, and also a five piece, but had a lot of potential. So it’s good to see that they are now fulfilling that potential, albeit as a four piece and with a different drummer to those early days.

Latest single ‘Wildfire’ is possibly the most polished to date from the Nottingham quartet. One thing that has remained since the early days is their grungy riot grrrl sound and that’s very evident on this new release. The guitars sound amazing, the drum beat is pounding and singer Molly Godber’s vocals remind of Lia Metcalfe from The Mysterines.

Having befriended and seen Babe Punch quite a bit in the early days it’s great to see them doing well.

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