Andrew Cushin – Memories

Andrew Cushin

Andrew Cushin is currently one of the most talked about artists in the UK indie scene; and for good reason. Andrew has been tipped for stardom since the release of his debut single ‘It’s Gonna Get Better’. Since then, he has amassed a strong, dedicated fanbase which includes the likes of Grammy-winning producer Richard Woodcraft and Noel Gallagher (who subsequently produced Andrews third single ‘Where’s My family Gone’). On his fourth single ‘Memories’, Cushin has not only shown growth and maturity but he has also solidified his place in the indie genre.

‘Memories’ opens with a warm, acoustic guitar foreshadowing a laidback, reflective song. This is quickly complimented with the addition of clean drums and an unforgettable bassline. From a production standpoint, the whole track sounds fantastic. Each instrument has its own place in the mix and Cushins’ vocals are better than they ever have been before. I also feel the need to praise Andrew for bravely exploring themes of masculinity in the song’s lyrics. Most people would not allow themselves to be so vulnerable with their lyrics, especially not at the age of 20. As well as this, there is an authentic honesty which comes with Andrew’s lyrics and this only makes the track all the more enjoyable.

In conclusion, Andrew Cushin is going to be the next big thing. I am eager to see how Andrew capitalizes off his new success and I sincerely hope he sees a rapid growth in popularity.

Aidan Mcguire